Meet Ralfiz, The Producer Behind Some Of Your Favourite Pop & Rap Hits


Swiss producer and songwriter Ralfiz has worked with some of the biggest artists in the world, from Lil Baby, Hotboii, Luciano and more. From the moment he started playing drums at young age he’s loved music, and he’s racked up many nominations in his expansive production career to date. If you’ve ever heard “I love RZ” or “RZ Beats”, then you’re listening to a Ralfiz production.

Who is Ralfiz?

Ralfiz has always been around music. Speaking to Just American News, he explained, “When I was a kid, I’d be sitting on my dad’s lap when he was playing keyboard, so I was exposed to music at such a young age.

“I started banging drums at 11 years old, got my own drum set probably at 13, maybe even younger, and so it’s been around me my whole life – music’s in my blood.”

Ralfiz was introduced to FL Studio as a teenager, and began making his own beats.

Ralfiz Gun Charge –