Richfam Nate Debut EP “Above All” Knocks Drake & 21 Savage “Her Loss” Off #1 on iTunes

Richfam Nate

Rising hip-hop artist Richfam Nate has just released his highly anticipated debut EP “Above All,” which has knocked Drake & 21 Savage

“Her Loss” off #1 on iTunes. The EP, which features four powerful tracks, including “Get It Back, “Big Bag,” “Off Face 2,” and “Loverz & Scamz,” has been gaining massive attention from hip-hop enthusiasts worldwide.

“Above All” is an impressive collection of tracks that showcase Richfam Nate’s unique lyrical and musical style. The EP is a reflection of his life experiences, struggles, and ambitions. The

songs are filled with inspiring messages and catchy beats that will get listeners hooked from the very first note.

“Get It Back” is a captivating song that talks about the struggles of losing everything and the determination to regain it all. The track features a catchy beat and Richfam Nate’s smooth flow, making it an instant favorite among fans.

“Big Bag” is a high-energy track that boasts Richfam Nate’s impressive rapping skills. The song talks about the luxuries of life and the importance of securing the bag. It’s a track that’s perfect for anyone who’s looking for a motivational anthem.

“Off Face 2” is a soulful track that highlights the artist’s personal struggles and his ability to rise above them. It’s a powerful song that is relatable to anyone who’s been through tough times.

“Loverz & Scamz” is a track that discusses the ups and downs of relationships and the deceitful ways of some individuals. The track features a captivating beat and Richfam Nate’s unique storytelling abilities.

The success of Richfam Nate’s debut EP “Above All” is a testament to his undeniable talent and hard work. With its powerful message, unique sound, and catchy beats, the EP is poised to become a hip-hop classic. Fans can listen to “Above All” on all major music streaming platforms.

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