LJak’s “Self-Esteem: Chapter Two” Is The Real Deal


With a September 1st release date, LJak’s fans are eager to listen to his sophomore album, Self-Esteem: Chapter Two!

His debut album was inspirational, philosophical, romantic, and angry. You can, track after track, hear the frustration in the voice of the artist. There are times when the frustration breaks, making way for romance, but then life, and his struggle to make a name for himself as a writer and as an author would surface, causing him to vent in ways seeming therapeutic. But then, by the time you reach the end of the album, the tone changes. Life is appearing to take shape, his romance and his writing career becoming more serious and rewarding. It is clear that he has more to say.

His fans want to know what happens next. Chapter two of this journey will not disappoint them. His new album similarly begins where the first one started at, but this time with a different swagger. Opening with his well-know single, The Joker, the first half of the album talks about the impact his work is having in the world of philosophy. He lets much off of his chest, especially in the tracks, Alone, Garbage, Joker’s Revenge, Insane, Pieces, Write it, and I’ll Be, but then mellows out in the second half of the album, with songs like No Thang, Without You, and Novocaine discussing the joys and sorrows of his present relationship. 

Listening to the album is like listening to an audiobook. LJak is known for being a lyricist and a storyteller, and his sophomore album greatly justifies these claims. The artist again sets the record straight about his talent, putting the hip-hop community on alert. He’s got a smooth flow, and there are various flows he uses on this album to demonstrate how limitless his genius is. 

Fans will not be disappointed. Circle the date! September 1st, get out there and buy, support, and listen to this great artist. 

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