Misty Blanco’s keeps us wanting more of “Revenge Is Not An Option” a coming soon Episodic Television Series”.

Misty Blanco

Misty Blanco The Blaquanese Rockstar is putting together her first episodic television series called “Revenge Is Not An Option”, and it’s quickly gaining anticipation throughout the masses for its 2023 release. “Revenge Is Not An Option”, is said to be one of the most chilling love story ever told in this time. Covering the functions and dysfunctions of different relationships from friendships, kinships, loveships, as it’s filled with love, lust, loyalty, betrayal and murder. However leaks say this isn’t a typical story we can find which include those topics, covered in a lot of films. However we will be traveling in the depths of the minds and hearts of each character “Seven, Samira, Meech & Stacey”. Our journey with these characters has already began unfolding on Instagram; and already we are intrigued and captivated by them. As the storyline unfolds we have been introduced to some of the most interesting characters “Meech & Stacey” actor “Gerard Smith & Asia Niema” who are villains in this series, and some great musical talent from vocalist “Princess Fortier” to violinist “Reina Hondo”.

Misty Blanco has us all captivated in this story wanting more. Just last week she shock Instagram with vocalist “Caleb” as he song “It’s A Mans World” by “James Brown”, along with some hiphop artist “Tripp Dubz” & C Bane”. Recently she has revealed herself to be playing one of the lead roles as “Samira” a wife to a kingpin named “Seven”, who will be played by model “Terrance Baker”. During this reveal they looked sexy together as many are saying they can’t wait to see them in action on the television scene. We all need more and can’t wait to see what’s in store next! Currently everyone is on a countdown on her Instagram page as she said someone is coming to visit her however she won’t tell us who we just all have to watch as the hours and seconds count down, what’s happening next in Misty TV Land? “Revenge Is Not An Option” is definitely becoming the most anticipated series for 2023! We want to know who is coming to visit Misty Blanco as this series “Revenge Is Not An Option” unfolds?!


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