[Exclusive] In Depth Interview With Tigar Prods.

Tigar Prods

Q) Where are you from?

Q) When did you start making music – who were your early influences?
I started making music 4 years ago (2018) – and I was influenced by Nick Mira, CharafZi and Sybka (they are music producers).

Q) What skills do you think an artist needs to be successful?
In my opinion I think that artists need to be patient and creative to reach what they want and to achieve their goals & dreams.

Q) How do you stay up to date with the latest music trends?
I simply search for what’s happening in the world of music and discover the latest playlists and new artists everyday.

Q) What techniques do you use to engage your audience?
The techniques I use are; I try to make music that everybody may love to hear / try new styles every time / I get inspired by new or viral artists & producers.

Q) What would you say is the most rewarding part of being an artist?
The most rewarding parts of being a music producer are; I collaborate with new artists, producers & musicians / Being respected by others / and making money.

Q) How did you spend your lockdown/pandemic? What did you accomplish before the entertainment world began to open up again?
I spent my lockdown/pandemic time on learning new skills & information every single day, I also learned how to talk and engage with my customers, I learned how to use Photoshop, Vegas Pro 14 and Adobe After Effects (editing and design programs), I improved my skills on music production, and a friend helped me on how cryptocurrency, NFTs work… / From the things that I accomplished before the entertainment world began to open up again; I made about 8k USD in one week doing crypto and selling beats, and gained about 20k followers on Instagram.

Q) What makes you different from other artists?
The things that make me different from other artists/producers are; I always make sure to be creative while making music, I never ever give up, I have big dreams and goals that I’m still in progress to achieve.

Q) Who is your dream collab?
My dream collaboration: DoubleA / Nouvo / AyaBeats (Moroccan music producers) still alive.

Q) What is your biggest accomplishment musically?
In that moment, my biggest accomplishment musically is hitting more than 10k Spotify streams on my beat *Ocean Palm* featuring JASEN (moroccan music producer) on my latest Album *Wave Vibrations* that hit more than 18k Spotify streams.

Q) Describe your favorite and least favorite part of being a musician.
My favorite part about being a music producer is the same thing that I answered on question number 6 (collaborating with new artists, producers & musicians / Being respected by others / and making money), and my least favorite part about being a music producer is the hate and jealousy that exists between artists/ musicians/ music producers.

Q) When not making music, where can we find you?
When not making music, you can find me making deals with others, learning new skills or studying

Q) Tell us about any upcoming releases
My upcoming releases are; a single that may contain a featuring and is almost completed and still don’t have a title / and an Album that I’m still working on. All going to drop in 2023.

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