Meet Rising Producers “Beatdemons”


Talent, passion and resilience can be key attributes for success in the music industry. This is evident from Beat Demons, the accomplished music producer taking over the music scene. Chris and Mark are two of the top producers and the founders of Beat Demons, a music brand that offers a wide range of music services.

Beat Demons is a believer in being an innovator when it comes to creating music. There aren’t many producers willing to experiment with new sounds, but Beat Demons is fearless. Their love of different genres of music has influenced some unique sounds. They also create music that is considered popular sounds in Hip Hop and that have been noticed by major artists.

Eight years ago Mark thought about putting a group together with some of the dopest producers in his city. He told his brother Ssj about it and asked him to help him come up with a name. They threw some ideas around and came up with Beatdemons. According to them there wasn’t any meaning behind it, it just sounded cool lol. Later that year he met Chris, They chopped it up and ended up making 8 beats in one day. Their chemistry was crazy. Mark told him about Beatdemons and Chris said he’ll be apart of it. Eventually it led to their recognition as a Multi Platinum-certified Producer Duo.

Since then, Beat Demons has scaled to work with other top artists, including 6ix9ine, Bad Bunny, Brytiago, Money Man, Tink, Bobby Shmurda, Quin Nfn, Omb Peezy, Alicai Harley, Derez Deshon, Tempo, and plenty more. They have also some of other unreleased music with many other artists like Quin Nfn and Bobby Shmurda which will be dropping soon.

Beat Demons top career highlight for producing music includes 2 RIAA platinum plaques one for Brytiago & Bad Bunny – “Netflixxx”, one for 6ix9ine – “Gooba” and 1 gold plaque for Tink – “Bottom Bitch”, but the biggest has to be going CRAZY VIRAL for a song called “Shes Buff” by Beat Demons and SSJ9k that started a dance trend #shesbuff.

Beat Demons is excited about the opportunities coming thier way in the coming days. Thier goal right now is to work with a lot more international artists and cement his position on the global stage.

Look out for a lot more tracks coming out in 2022, some exciting things are on the way. Stay tuned to their social media for more updates on thier forthcoming projects.