Jxylen shares expansive new album ‘PROJECT MAYHEM: FIGHT CLUB EDITION’


Massachusetts artist Jxylen has returned with a deluxe version of his PROJECT MAYHEM LP from earlier this year, with PROJECT MAYHEM: FIGHT CLUB EDITION. Following up his full-length debut album PROJECT MAYHEM, he is getting ready to end this chaotic era with this new instalment, which has added 4 potent tracks to the album’s run time. The 23 year old artist continues to touch on the corruption of the social constructs we live in, as well the influence of the media and politics as it still bothers him.

With 4 new songs added to the original PROJECT MAYHEM tracklist, Jxylen makes a statement with line after line of socially conscious, hard-hitting lyricism atop ethereal but relentlessly dark production. Songs like “STILL TIRED” and “SKT 3”, featuring Dayvii and KENZO. contain massive basslines and raw percussion that give them an expansive feel, as Jxylen as well as Dayvii and KENZO. deliver intense verses that cut through the noise and display a poignant focus. “ALIVE!”, produced by AUR provides a particularly atmospheric soundscape as Jxylen delivers some of his strongest lyrics yet.

A strong release overall from Massachusetts artist JxylenPROJECT MAYHEM: FIGHT CLUB EDITION makes for a well-written, sonically rich deluxe version of his debut album.