Haitian Jew is Making Waves in the Music Industry

Haitian Jew

Hey there, I’m Haitian Jew – a rapper and songwriter from Orlando, Florida. I was born and raised in the Pine Hills/Silver Star area and I’ve been working hard to make a name for myself in the hip hop industry.

My music has been gaining a lot of attention lately, with two of my tracks – “Fake Love” and “Woo Story” – getting regular airplay on local radio stations like 99.9 fm, 98.5 fm, and 104.5 the beat. They’re also doing well on streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music. I’ve also released four mixtapes, with a fifth one on the way, that showcase my versatility as an artist.

But I’m not just about making music. I founded a non-profit organization called Feed the People, which is dedicated to feeding the homeless in downtown Orlando. Giving back to my community is really important to me, and I’m proud to be able to help those in need.

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In addition to my music and philanthropy work, I’m also a family man. I have three kids – Kevin, Calvin, and Taylor – and I have five brothers and three sisters. They’ve all been a huge support for me throughout my career.

When I’m not working on my music or volunteering, I like to play basketball, read books, and listen to new beats. My ultimate goal is to win multiple Grammy Awards, top the Billboard charts, and become a multi-millionaire business owner.

If you’re a fan of my music, you can find my tracks on all major streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and SoundCloud. You can also follow me on Instagram and TikTok – my handle is HaitianJew18. And on Facebook, I go by Florida Drake.

I’m really grateful for all the support I’ve been getting, and I hope you’ll continue to follow my journey in the world of hip hop. With hard work and dedication, I’m confident I can achieve all my goals and make a real impact on the industry. Thanks for taking the time to check me out – peace and love!