Digital Dior’s New Latin-Pop Collaboration “Comeria Besos” Takes the Music Industry by Storm

Digital Dior

Digital Dior, an independent label based in South Florida, has recently released a Latin-pop collaboration titled “Comeria Besos” that is already creating a buzz in the music industry. The track features Scottie on vocals and Andez Santana, Sunny Laurent, and Kase Junior on production. The song has debuted at impressive positions on Latin Pop Digital Song Sales, Latin Rhythm Digital Song Sales, and Latin Digital Song Sales charts.

The team involved in creating “Comeria Besos” is ecstatic about the song’s early success. Scottie, who not only sings on the track but also mixed it, expresses his gratitude for being part of the collaboration, saying “it was a dream come true working with Digital Dior and Andez Santana.”

Sunny Laurent, the founder of Digital Dior, also shares the excitement, stating that they knew they had something special with this collaboration, but they could not have predicted such an incredible debut on the charts.

Listeners are also raving about “Comeria Besos,” praising its catchy melody, upbeat tempo, and infectious energy. The song’s success is a promising sign for the future of Digital Dior and the Latin-pop genre as a whole.

“Comeria Besos” is available on all major streaming platforms, and fans can’t seem to get enough. Given the strong start, it is evident that this collaboration is one to watch in the coming weeks and months.