OG Shadi Powers leads Port City Muzik

OG Shadi

What do a career educator, a former hustler/businessman, and a music industry veteran have in common? Putting Port City Muzik on the proverbial “map of Hip Hop” for Savannah, Ga. Savannah has given you, Big Boi from OutKast, the late Camouflauge, and his incredible daughter, Flau’jae, the founders of Street Execs, and the controversial, Quando Rondo.

Under the helm and guidance of OG Shadi Powers, (Bankroll Fresh, Gucci Mane, AllHipHop Atlanta, HipHop Uncovered on FX), a native of Savannah, a prodigal son returning home, after growing up with Hip Hop and the music industry, from New York to Atlanta, for the last 35+ years. Savannah has always had such great talent who had to move to Atlanta, New York or even L.A. to be recognized but this time around, OG has created “Port City Muzik”, a new rap label venture based in Savannah and Atlanta with two new rap artists. GI Rob and 6ix24 Scrilla.

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After having hands involved with creating and working with artists, over the last 30 years from Gucci Mane to BankRoll Fresh, the OG has come home to help solidify Savannah’s place in the Hip Hop Hall Of Fame. That’s the goal. To make sure people who follow hip hop’s 50 years of history, don’t forget the contributions from the great city of Savannah Georgia.