DJ Meli Mel and Hunnidball Come Together for New Song OOUUHH

DJ Meli Mel

Recently, DJ Meli Mel, a female DJ, and musician from Sacramento, CA released her new single featuring Hunnidball, also an artist from Sacramento. The song debuted on major streaming platforms and was an instant hit with thousands of people listening and liking the song in just the first few hours. It’s only been a week and now the OOUUHH music video has over thousands of views and counting!

Both musicians are different

DJ Meli Mel is a female musician and Dj. In her new song feat Hunnidball OOUUHH, she kicks off the track with a quick word from the Sacramento rapper. The two musicians have a close connection to their hometown. I’m proud of this city, DJ Meli says in the song’s intro. It’s growing faster than I ever imagined. When it comes to music, we’re all about everyone getting together no matter what kind of genre or what ethnic background you come from as long as your music is good and real.

About new song

In her new song feat Hunnidball OOUUHH, DJ Meli Mel collaborates with fellow Sacramento artist, HUNNIDBALL. The duo delivers a catchy hook that will have you chanting the words in no time. The beat is infectious, and melodic and has a party feel to it. DJ Meli Mel crafts an instrumental with a very distinctive sound that complements the verses delivered by HUNNIDBALL. Throughout the track, both artists complement each other seamlessly as they work their way through vivid imagery of their respective hometowns. The production on this track gives off major modern vibes and really grabs your attention from start to finish. DJ MELI MEL does not disappoint here as she showcases her versatility as a producer on this record.

What makes both different from others?

The sounds of both of these talented individuals create a nice contrast of rap verses and vocals in the bridge. They are both available to book for shows at different venues across the country. On Instagram, Hunnidball has more than 4k+ followers and @djmelimel_ has 26k+ followers. These two amazing musicians come together to make one catchy song that will have you singing along before you know it! For more updates go and follow both the artists for upcoming arrivals…