Who is Ghxst Vic?

Ghxst Vic

Victor llomuanya, better known as Ghxst Vic, is an old soul with a huge heart. Born in New Jersey in the 90’s, he never made a home in the United States until 2012. Ghxst Vic spent his early years, and a majority of his life exploring cultures across the globe. He spent his youth making noise as an athlete: playing a sport that was a passion to him but soon became a job. As an early teen he spent his time working on his production and songwriting craft but never

saw himself on the other side of the booth. It’s his huge heart that contributed to his love of creating for others, and seeing their success that kept him behind the boards.

Between Africa and Europe where he predominantly lived, he cultivated his own special sound, blending in afro beat/hip-hop/RnB into a smooth lane of his own. Although he never delved into the music industry till 2022, he was surrounded by it. The pain of watching everyone else around him get their spotlight drove him away from music. Ghxst Vic never wanted handouts. He wanted to earn his flowers. Even though he believed the music industry needed change as it was hurting with gang violence, and the glorification of illegalities in life, he decided he wanted to find a different path in life.

While completing his final year in college in 2018, Ghxst Vic created his first business which he never knew would propel him right back to the music industry. He launched his well recognized luxury concierge business that provides the most luxurious experiences the world has to offer. He began serving the likes of top A-listers. It is your story of clients becoming friends, who become family. From exotic cars, to jets, to models: if you needed it, he provided it!

In mid 2021, Ghxst Vic decided to get back into the studio as a passion, with no plans of releasing his music. After gracious feedback on projects he was working on, and seeing the continued rise and demise of artists, he believed it had become his mantle to carry. To pave a path where you do not need to be the hardest gang member to be the best artist. He began releasing his music which is taking social media by storm and growing him an ever emerging fan base.

Ghxst Vic is just getting started, but surely will be remembered. His story is still being written, and with the upcoming release of Baby Bump, you can guarantee eyes are on him.

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