About Dj Levanto

Dj Levanto

Petru Magas known by his stage name Dj Levanto is a Romanian disc jockey. He hails from a town called Suceava. Being bred in Romanian, he developed a passion for their type of music and decided to make a career from it. He has been in this career as a Dj for quite a good number of years. Over years, he decided to take his career to a greater level by performing on the world stage. Dj Levanto songs are available on sites like Spotify and other well-listened-to platforms. A lot of listeners follow his work on these different platforms.

Dj Levanto describes his sound as a fusion of modern hip pop and house music. With his style of music, he has attained success and is applauded by many. He has proven to be very good in this aspect and his work is enjoyed by lovers of good music.

He aims at bigger performances on large stages and he doesn’t take his little beginning for granted. On a daily basis, he pushes himself to greater heights.

Romanian has a huge impact on his style of music and he aims at being among the top 10 DJs in Romanian. Romanians are known for producing good music and he aims at meeting that need and boost his career. Dj Levanto believes in working hard and is ready to put in the right amount of energy to be among the best in the industry.