Adam Rodway is on the verge of expressing himself via his music

Adam Rodway

Adam Rodway, aka William Adam Mullett, the vocalist and guitarist of the band “DelMar” is now waving his wings with his solo career as a singer, songwriter, and producer. After a successful era, the band ended with many live performances around famous and historical venues like “The El Mocambo” and “The Horseshoe Tavern”. Adam Rodway is now releasing and producing his own music while he steps into his solo music career.

Adam Rodway attended Metalworks Institute of sound in Mississauga for a year-long Electronic music production degree. He aims to produce his original music and albums by collaborating with new emerging artists. Music is familiar to him because he has been writing songs and playing guitar since his high school days, and it quickly became his life’s passion.

The Spectrum of Song Creation 

When asked how hard it is to bring a song to life, Adam replied,

“It really depends on the song. Some songs come to life right away. In other songs, it can take a while to really get out what you are trying to say. I think the key is to hone in on what you are trying to say, and if you can do that, then the song really comes to life.”

Adam is versatile regarding his genre choices as an artist. His music revolves around modern Pop rock or Alt-Pop. His music has rock vibes due to his original guitar compositions and energetic drum beats. As he shared, 

“I use a lot of guitars in my production as well as rock drums, but the vocal production and overall feel to the songs are very much pop hook oriented. I also am inspired by hip-hop production.” 

Adam aims to target hip-hop and pop music lovers who love to listen to rock, and guitar-centric tracks as Adam loves to write pop melodies with an essence of originality. 

The Projects and Releases of the Emerging Artist

As a part of the band, “DelMar”, Adam has been producing so much music. The band still has thousands of monthly listeners on the most famous song, “New Orleans,” which is soon to reach 1M streams on Spotify with currently over 950k streams. 

After starting his solo career, Adam Rodway released his debut single “Hold Just Anyone” a romantic song that speaks about the fluctuation of relations under painful and happy moments. The song can be found here 

Adam Rodway is now up to release his next single, “Too Late” but he did not disclose the actual release date. The song talks about the current situations and feelings of an artist who reflects on darker thoughts about self destruction, and depression. He is now working on more singles that will be released in 2023 while collaborating with emerging writers and producers to produce out-of-the-box content for fans and music lovers.

Adam Rodway, The Rock Star 

Adam has been nominated for a Juno award as a writer. He proudly collaborated with the Canadian band Walk off the Earth on a children’s album titled “Romeo Eats Vol.1” which received the nomination. In a nutshell, Adam wants his fans to recognize him as an artist who loves songwriting and a producer of deep music. Someone who makes songs to promote all emotions of life, from hard times to joyful eras, to make his music more relevant and magical.