I Am Different Breed: Marli Decarvae’s Unique Album Title Defines Her Artistry

Marli Decarvae

Marli Decarvae is an artist with a focus on pursuing innovation and personality, while still retaining a very lush and immediate sound. She is definitely not the average musician and she is always looking for ways to spice up her creativity and vibe. This is why the title of her most recent album, “I am Different Breed”
is really spot-on.

This new release is indeed a perfect example of what to expect. This release feels like a strong combination of various influences, including hip-hop, R&B, and even pop, only to mention a few. Music has always been a huge passion for the artist, and “I am Different Breed” feels like a culmination of a lifetime of dedication to create amazing sounds that connect with the audience.

The artist’s new album actually features eight songs, and each track is an awesome opportunity for Marli to showcase her vocal range and ability to brand out and try new styles and ideas. As a result of her creative pursuit, Marli managed to create a really diverse and one-of-a-kind album that feels personal, but also very entertaining and easy to relate to.

“I am Different Breed” by Marli Decarvae should most definitely be right up your alley if you are int the work of artists such as Rihanna, Noname, Doja Cat, and Bia, among others. Just like the aforementioned top talents, Marli Decarvae has a knack for making music that stands out in terms of clarity and focus.

Learn more about Marli Decarvae, and listen to “I am Different Breed”, which is currently available on some of the best digital streaming services out there.