New Single “For My Country Morocco”

Hassan Composer

His history in music started at the age of 20 when he started writing music. Hassan Composer told us about how he was always surrounded by music during his early years, and that’s one reason why he inevitably became interested in it.

After many years of writing, he finally started recording and publishing his art at the age of twenty six. At that time and finally, he decided to create something of his own, his first album, “Nostalgies”. Now Hassan Composer is an artist who provides the complete package and is like no other in the music industry. Hassan Composer obviously experiments with his music and does it well, always coming out with new melodies with oriental scents and trying to find new sounds.

Through his work he proves that it is obvious that music is something he was called to do. From different genres, he now regularly releases albums, singles and music videos that complement listeners. Hassan Composer recently released a single and music video titled “For my Country” Morocco, reaching thousands of views in just two days He talks about how he loves his native country, “Morocco my love, my paradise! You are truly a blessed place!” says artist Hassan.

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