Nigerian-American Musician Chizabam is a Man of Many Cultures


Chizabam  musical roots extend from Hip-Hop, R&B, Soul, and Funk – predominantly from the Northside of Atlanta, GA. After his move to Dallas, TX, he has never left the region.  His music is a reflection of his upbringing in a multicultural and musically rich environment. He is a supreme vocalist, lyricist, writer, poet, producer, and sound engineer, with unusual energy, precision, and range in his repertoire. He credits his early years as a trombone player and time spent in the choir for his passion for harmony and rhythm. Inviting listeners on a journey of self-discovery, Chizabam uses his music to explore themes of life and love, and to share his unique perspective on the world.

He has been on an insane music run since the release of his debut album in 2018, dropping a plethora of singles in 2019 and a total of 19 tracks in 2020, including his second album, ‘Lone Star Nights’. There are many Hip-Hop legends whose work he has collaborated with, including Fiend, Bg Knoccout, Akil The MC of Jurassic Five, and Wise Intelligent of the Poor Righteous Teachers.

Slum prophecy is a rap duo which includes Chizabam and B-Ware (Dr. Rudolph Ware). They started this group in 2021, the same year they released their first album. Both B-Ware and Chizabam have played integral roles in recording, producing, and engineering each of their four albums to date.

Whether he’s creating timeless songs that tell stories or crafting beats that make you want to move your feet, Chizabam never fails to deliver something special. He has an innate ability to capture the listener’s attention and keep them engaged throughout each track. It’s no wonder why he’s been able to amass such a large following in such a short time; Chizabam is truly a one-of-a-kind artist!

Chizabam is making waves across social media platforms with his unique blend of Hip-Hop, R&B, Soul, and Funk. His loyal followers on Instagram continue to grow, reaching over 16.2k followers. This only furthers the reach of his sounds, as fans have streamed his music thousands of times on Spotify and watched his videos on YouTube. Whether you’re a fan of Hip-Hop, R&B, Soul, or Funk, Chizabam has something for everyone. So be sure to check out his music and show him some love on social media! His unique sound has resonated with music critics, who continue to praise his musical style. If you’re looking for new music to listen to or a great artist to follow on social media, be sure to check out Chizabam!

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