Think Big, Act Local with Mr.Traficante for the Love of Music


Everybody experiences failures, but the best humans come out even more robust from those setbacks. Mr. Traficante is the epitome of proving that you can achieve all your goals and desires if you always keep your aspirations high and work hard to achieve them. Mr.Trafficante has always enjoyed poetry and music, possibly because his father and grandmother loved to write poems and express themselves through them, but it was those poetry projects in school that sparked his interest in writing.

For Traficante, It Is Not Just Music. It’s everything.

Mr.Traficante does not just feel the music. He grooves with the tone, the lyrics, the composition, and all sorts of energies that it could provide. For Mr.Traficante, music is a motivation we can experience in his songs. We all can relate that some music and songs have some association with our life experiences. When we listened to them, we started to sway in nostalgia. And we are glad to have Traficante in the same clan:

I love when music associates itself with an experience you had, and the music can bring that feeling back out in you when you hear it.

Versatility at Its Finest

Traficante uses music as a channel to drive his desire and determination. He puts his whole heart and soul into expressing himself not by his sound but by his music. Traficante played with a wide range of genres between hip hop and R&B. Then came out with a mixture of aggressive music, which can motivate anyone to push their limits as hard as possible. However, some music exhibits positive vibes to set the mood for a good time.  

Marking Milestones

You can’t call it a journey when you haven’t experienced the highs and lows of the journey. Traficante has always been a massive fan of music. He started as a freestyler with friends by changing the lyrics of some songs and remixing them. Eventually ended up doing shows and battle raps.

He performed for the first time at Webster Hall in New York City. When it comes to the first performance, most people get anxious, but Traficante was “ready.” He experiences a lightning bolt holding that microphone on stage which transforms him completely, and something takes over him. He then realized that he was meant to do it. Traficante’s most cherished performance was at Barcode in Elizabeth, New Jersey, a club of such high caliber that always hosted the most prominent names. He opened the show, performed a half-time number, and concluded with a song.

A dream come true moment for Mr.Traficante was signing his first record deal. His songs achieved a few hundred thousand music views across all platforms. Mr.Traficante has also signed multiple record contracts with various tracks performed in a few venues of high quality. Getting his music played on hot 97, a major east coast hip-hop station broadcasting in New York and New Jersey, adds to the list.