Charting Artist SpittyGray Hits Top 50 On The Top 200 Charts


New Artist SpittyGray charts a recent single, “In My” in the Top 200 Hip-Hop charts. Landing Top 50, this is his first time on the charts, although we are sure more is to follow. SpittyGray sold more copies than 150 mainstream artists and their label counterparts. As a fully independent artist, this is an outstanding accomplishment. Upcoming hip-hop artist SpittGray introduces himself to the world with his introspective single ‘In My.’ “In My” gives listeners a taste of what’s to come, using his storytelling skills to paint sonic pictures. The single is out now and you can listen here.

Based in the South Bay in a community well known as Carson, CA, SpittyGray is ready to take on the rest of the year with a continuous stream of new music. Inspired by the likes of Nas and Drake, he has his sights set on creating and crafting songs throughout the rest of the year, dropping eagerly awaited singles over the coming months. SpittyGray has already begun teasing a few new releases as we patiently await more information. For his Instagram please click here.

Whatever SpittyGray does next, we will be sure to be watching as the next rising artist takes the stage.