dance on the moon – Reina Subramanian

Reina Subramanian

Anyone who can make truly graceful, understated, and infectious music and still tick all of the boxes that make pop music so popular is someone you need to have on your radar. And to be able to do all that and do so against the modern wave of bombastic, chart fads and fashion makes them even more important.

But that is what Reina Subramanian does so well. It is a fine line to walk. The one that wanders between delicate and drifting, the poised and popular, but dance on the moon, does precisely that.

It is easy to see why she is mentioned in the same breath as Lorde or Lana Del Rey, but it is to those artists that you have to look to find the benchmarks she sets for herself. And, maybe, it is what the charts and the mainstream music scene in general need. There is no maybe about it; songs such as dance on the moon and artists such as Reina Subramanian are precisely what we need to add more grace, thought, and intelligence to the pop scene.

Dreamlike, drifting, graceful, and groove some, a potent cocktail and a light at the end of the mainstream music tunnel.

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