Levi Zadoff and Ottawa punk, Los Angeles-based musician and newcomer Dead Hendrix have teamed up to release a powerful and emotional EP, “Dead Summer.”

Dead Hendrix

The five-track album tells the story of the symbolic death of summer during the COVID lockdown, the loss of friends and family due to the virus, and how the global pandemic exacerbated drug abuse.

One of the standout aspects of the EP is its use of the pandemic as creative fuel. The album takes the feelings of loss and isolation that many of us have experienced during the lockdown and transforms them into hypnotic melodies and relatable songwriting.

The result is a creative and innovative way to use sound and lyrics as a storytelling agent to describe the summers of COVID.

The duo states, 

“When we say the summer was dead, we mean it in two ways:
1. The literal death
2. The fact everything is shut down and dead.

We both figured this would be a good metaphor and creative topic for creating music.”

The EP also showcases the artists’ compelling angst-fuelled vocal performances, infectious hooks, catchy melodies, and excellent musicianship. The opening track, “Don’t Think It Could Get Much Better,” sets the sarcastic tone for the EP, while “Alone” and “Can’t Be God” delve into the deeper emotions of loneliness and loss. “Love Game” is a powerful anthem that shows the vulnerability and struggle of being trapped in our heads during difficult times.

One of the most vital aspects of “Dead Summer” is the collaboration between Zadoff and Hendrix, who bring their acclaimed signature punk fusion sound to the EP with its experimental pop-punk and rap-rock sensibilities.

The album was produced by a talented team of producers, including IOF, Yago Beats, SPLASHGVNG, and Imani Beats, which helped the duo bring their vision to life.

Overall, “Dead Summer” is an emotionally infused, sound-driven journey through the summers of COVID that holds listeners’ attention from start to finish. It is a powerful and creative project that showcases the talents of Levi Zadoff and Dead Hendrix.

To stream and purchase “Dead Summer,” you can click the links below. 

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Levi Zadoff Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/levizadoff

Levi Zadoff Website: https://www.levizadoffmusic.com/

Dead Hendrix Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/talk2thedead

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