The Ian Moore shares new remix to his standout track, “GODLIKE”, featuring Futuristic and Mark Battles


St. Louis artist The Ian Moore has shared a new remix to his song “GODLIKE”, featuring Futuristic and Mark Battles. Containing darkly atmospheric production that suits the rappers’ emotive performances, “GODLIKE” shows a natural chemistry between Moore and his collaborators Futuristic and Mark Battles. The song contains poignant themes of harnessing your self-confidence atop a soundscape that is suitably powerful and commanding, with expansive guitars and raw synths drifting atop heavy percussion and rich bass. Vocally, the rappers present performances that contain a gripping mic presence, as they weave together heartfelt lines that absorb the listener in this track’s inspiring feel.

GODLIKE is a song about having confidence and facing the world head on. I know that confidence can come and go, but when I wrote this song it was during a point where all the pieces started to fall into place,” Ian says about his creative process. “I felt like I was able to take on the entire planet and could achieve any goal I had in front of me. The song is called what it is, because that’s exactly how I felt while creating it, Godlike.” The Ian Moore is excited to add another artist he admires to the track to further elevate the song.

“GODLIKE – Remix” presents a potent addition to The Ian Moore’s discography, presenting an engaging follow up to the original single. Give it a listen below, and be sure to connect with The Ian Moore on social media.

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