How one R&B artist found creativity through Depression

Envy Tiecy

Rising artist Envy Tiecy is our musical revelation of the weekend. 

As R’n’b fans, we couldn’t be happier to discover her music gems, that honour the genre in all its glory. Her songs “Ex Fact Her” and “Love Language” got us addicted the first second we heard her voice. She delivers a sultry melody recipe full of soul and sensual vibes.

Her voice, powerful, graceful and flawless, warmed our hearts up and is on our list of the best 2023 vocalists. You will understand why when you will press play.

Listen to the charismatic Envy Tiecy and know more about her below.

Envy Tiecy tells us about her journey, inspirations and future projects!

Welcome Envy Tiecy! Tell us who you are and how you started to make music?

My stage name is Envy Tiecy and I live in Baton Rouge, LA. I began singing in church and acting around age 9. As I got older I began singing solos and performing cover songs for weddings, events and talent shows. Everyone praised me for always being that smiling, talented, social butterfly. And since the theater was my second home I was able to be “someone else” through acting which helped me to cover-up my mental health issues. But pretending only lasted for so long and at age 24 I was diagnosed with Bi-Polar depression, insomnia, anxiety and ADHD. I believed that I could cope without medication, well that was a bad idea. I couldn’t control my temper, got into many fights and I was shutting my family and friends out. It began to be very hard to bare such a burden and in 2017 I was admitted into a mental health facility. I consider that the pivotal moment in my life where I was  “The Broken Mask”.

What inspires you to write music and create?

Although I’m under the supervision of medical professionals, medication and therapy is not a “cure all”. My mind is still all over the place and I have very unpredictable days. So, when I have those good and bad days I use it to my advantage as a way to vent through song, instead of taking it out on those around me. I find it ironic but I’m probably the the first female R&B artist to ever truly SING a song (not rap) about whooping a bitch ass! At least it will get the message across in a unique way.

What is your creative process? 

I enjoy being able to use my emotions and current situations to push out my creativity. I record on my phone how I feel in that moment like a freestyle of sorts. The words from that help me to create the idea of a song. Have you ever heard the saying that every thought doesn’t have to be said? Well, I believe that everyone was thinking it and I was just the only one brave enough  to sing it. For instance my Ex boyfriend had a jealous girlfriend who was stalking my social media because of the friendship he and I had. But once she learned that I was his ex she started so much drama. So, I called up Grant the owner of ICON Recording Studio BR to book a session to professionally record. I released my debut single “Ex Fact Her” on October 11, 2022 to send her a message that it’s a fact I’m the Ex that he wants back! I even made a hoodie out of it that’s for sale on shopify.

How would you describe your latest release?

My latest single “Love Language” produced and co-written by the very talented Simien Hill was released on my birthday, January 24th. “Love Language” is me in my vulnerable state and how I won’t settle for less than I give in a relationship. The lyrics are a combination of emotions from filing for divorce after 9 years then dating and breaking up with a few guys afterwards. The guys I met were all talking a good game but forgot to show me love while in the relationship. This song is a self expression of me telling any future suitors to keep that same energy they used to get me, if they want to keep me. My next single “New Booty” is being released March 17th.

What do you plan for the future?

OMG “THE FUTURE ” where do I begin? lol. Honestly, no one knows what I might come out with or what my song content will be about, not even me, but I promise it will all be from my truest self in that moment.

I made a vow that I’m going to bust my bottom and work extremely hard to take my brand to new heights. So, I coined the phrase “Envy Tiecy Takeover 2023!”. I’ve been between the studio singing and songwriting to submitting for roles as a background actress for film and TV. I am also currently in the early stages of my collaboration with Ghostcraft Music “Zero to Hero”Artist Development Services founded by the very talented and respected Billboard-charting music producer LxXander. I’m so thankful to be allowed the chance to receive all the knowledge and guidance from him as I take this journey to perfect my music and brand as an R&B artist. Every update can be found on my official website get ready for More to Envy!