King$oto Hits The Charts With His Single “Comeback”


After releasing music for some years, King$oto had to make a good comeback from his little break. He took huge effort and energy to release a new song that would smash the charts and show how he could comeback. King$oto is a Tampa, Florida music sensation with melodic HipHop music and the ability to create something unique nobody else can.

With his single “Comeback” it has a very catchy and distinctive vibe that many musicians would call a “banger”. He combines a fast rap style and a heartbreak song all in one, truly showing his aspiring talent. “Comeback” reached over 150,000 streams on Spotify alone & over 1 million on Soundcloud. It got him featured on trending playlists and radio stations, including be shared on TikTok and other socials, spreading like wildfire. Check out “Comeback” below: