Money Melnichuk Releases Debut EP “Money On My Mind”


Justin Melnichuk known as Money Melnichuk is an upcoming artist and producer hailing from Sacramento, California. With his melodic beats and hiphop flow, he has a talent unlike anyone else to this day. Inspired at a young age by artists, producers, and music in general he knew he could do something with music.

“Money On My Mind” is an EP that shows off who he really is, the beats and music create a vibe that is relatable and can even touch the heart. The EP was inspired by what he went through in high school like bad relationships, toxic friends, and no real future set for himself. It expresses how he got by this and became a better person and was able to show off his talent.

With this EP, Money Melnichuk plans to continue releasing his music and hopes to become a household name within the next few years. His talent is strong and a load of people can see this giving him early support and a reason to keep going. He’s already amassed thousands of followers on TikTok & Instagram creating a way for him to get the right recognition on his music.

Stream “Money On My Mind” here: