Reno, Nevada Artist Rocstarpatty Taking Music To A New Level


Rocstarpatty is an independent artist from Reno, Nevada taking the industry by storm. From his distinctive voice to unique melodies, he makes music his own way and makes it his goal to be different. Growing up he knew music would be for him, and as time went on he became inspired.

He focuses on a certain genre, that is of Emo, Goth, Heartbreak, & Rap all in one. He mixes the vibe of all and puts some of each into every song to make himself stand out. Whether you like it or not, he has something for everyone and is very talented in his craft.

Rocstarpatty plans to continue his music journey taking out any obstacles in the way. He hopes to become one of the greatest in music and wants to see his audience grow larger everyday. Working with some great artists like Lil Uzi Vert is a dream for him and he plans to knock out every goal he sets.