Jordan Williams Is Rising The Industry’s Standard Of Frequency In Music


Jordan Williams has been in the music game for quite sometime. He is very talented and different from others, rising the vibrations and frequency in music which is 440hz to the natural earth frequency of 432hz. Kind of like XXXTENTACION, who changed the music scene by a wildfire, experimenting with different frequencies in music is a major step and changes the way we hear music.

It was originally a challenge for Jordan Williams, researching and learning about frequency standards was hard but with the correct information and time he did it. Jordan Williams is notable for this and being featured on other sites like 24HipHop & Rapper Weekly was no challenge. He’s been on a radio broadcast interview at CJRU campus radio in Toronto and it’s great to see him get the attention deserved.

Jordan Williams sees his music being a blueprint for others and showing them how they can become more creative. He plans to grow his fan base and become more acknowledged in the industry and have his music heard worldwide. Jordan Williams has taken his time in being diverse and by listening to other music he noticed a pattern, changing music for the better.