SAVARRE is back on the scene with a new single: “Art of the Bleed.”


SAVARRE is a band with a focus on combining alternative music with art-rock. The group’s formula is so special that “Art of the Bleed” can offer much more than such a label would lead you to believe. The opening section of this track is pure genius, seamlessly introducing the audience into the musical world of the artist, challenging the right mood, and creating some solid foundations for the entire piece. “Art of the Bleed” is highly recommended if you are a fan of Adele, Chris Isaak, Anna Calvi, Francis Moon, and more. This song is also great for any indie pop fan looking for new music that isn’t necessarily a carbon copy of whatever else is out there but pushes the envelope, taking the listeners to new heights and redefining the focal points that make the genre so endearing.

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