Nicolette Sullivan Packs a Powerful Punch in the Remixed Version of Her Song “Strychnine” (Feat. Dr. Jekyll)

Nicolette Sullivan

Nicolette Sullivan uses atmospheric guitars, synths, and vocals, undergirded by solid grooves, to create a distinctive brand of Neo-80s jazz, R&B, blues, and pop. Rhythmically driven and inspired by artists such as Etta James, Ella Fitzgerald, and Rihanna, prepare to be transported by lyrics from the heart and soul, set in an epic soundscape! As a proficient vocalist, Nicolette always puts her prowess at the service of music. She knows how to seduce the listener in her musical adventure, leading her listeners on an exciting journey to different worlds within the realms of emotional satisfaction!

Her 2021 debut album, “Nicollette,” introduced a versatile songstress with a penchant for versatility. With jazz tones laying the foundation, there is a way this virtuoso manages to connect with different styles in one song in a completely natural way. This shows courage to leave such stubborn footprints in a world where music often quickly becomes fashion!

Her song “Strychnine,” from her debut album, has a remixed version from the renowned pop and EDM A-star producer Dr. Jekyll. This remix respectfully honors the original while leveraging its innovative swampy foundation as a springboard to reach the new and exciting musical ground.

A gloriously cinematic masterpiece grand in scope and wondrously expressive in execution, Sullivan’s vocals are the usual haunting, sultry, and subtly dreamy as they float over the more vibrant tones and transport a listener to ecstatic places, sometimes nostalgic and sometimes euphoric!

Spectral saxophone adds a certain edge to the mix, offering a timbral diverse and tonally rich sonic variety for a listener to digest and adding a certain dash of flair to the arrangement. The imposing percussive elements also add that strong rhythmic gusto to the mix to keep you on your feet, moving with reckless abandon!

“Strychnine” is already streaming on your favorite platforms; follow the attached link and have the time of your life with it!

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