Eran Hersh Announces New Music with Superstar Madonna


Eran Hersh is a DJ & Producer based in Miami who has made a name for himself within the last couple of years. Even though he’s been in the business for 20 years, it is only recently people are finding out about him and his unique style of music. The last two years has been very busy for Eran Hersh with touring all around the Globe selling out clubs and simultaneously producing new music where for example “Ale ale” and “Ole” has had great response from fans and other DJ’s alike.

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His hard work seems to have paid off because he just announced that his upcoming release will be a collaboration with Blondish, Darmon and Worldwide pop sensation Madonna. He tells us that this project started with just three friends having lunch and that he got the idea of doing a Madonna edit. By the end of their lunch, they had finished the whole track on the laptop together. The vocal was pitched down to not be too obvious but still recognizable by people hearing it in the club. And after getting tons of positive feedback and response from playing it in their sets, they figured to give it a shot to actually try to contact Madonna to see if see is willing to collab. And just like that a friend of theirs who knew her sent her message and she was positive to join the project.

With this upcoming release, the future is without a doubt looking bright for Eran Hersh and he promised even more exciting collabs and projects are to expect throughout the year. So, if you aren’t already, be sure to be on the lookout for this DJ, he is on his way to greatness.

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