Introducing Scott Thompson: The Versatile Artist Making Waves with “Poison”


Scott Thompson is a rising artist with a unique sound that’s capturing the attention of listeners everywhere. With his latest release, “Poison,” Scott is set to make an impact in the underground pop community.

“Poison” is a dynamic and catchy track that showcases Scott’s raw talent and versatility as a musician. The song blends elements of pop, RnB, and electronic music to create a sound that’s both contemporary and timeless. The upbeat melody is complimented by Scott’s powerful vocals and thought-provoking lyrics.

With its infectious chorus and dynamic production, “Poison” is a standout track that’s sure to get stuck in your head for days. It’s the perfect introduction to Scott Thompson’s sound and the start of what’s sure to be a thrilling journey for this rising artist.

So whether you’re a fan of pop, RnB, or electronic music, be sure to add “Poison” to your playlist and discover the unique sound of Scott Thompson. This artist is one to watch, and “Poison” is just the beginning of what promises to be a long and exciting career in music. The song will be available on the web’s best listening outlets on March 10th, 2023.


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