Seed, the Engineer: From Self-Taught Musician to Skywalker Ranch and Beyond

Seed the Engineer

Reggie Shelton, also known as Seed, the Engineer, has been making waves in the music industry. Starting as a songwriter in his youth, he gradually taught himself how to play guitar and piano, and eventually ventured into producing and DJing. As his career took off, Shelton also learned live sound techniques and advanced technology to operate sophisticated AV systems.

He has interned at various studios across the Bay Area and worked with clients of different genres, including rap, R&B, hip-hop, gospel, and orchestras. Recently, he collaborated with Skywalker Ranch to create sounds for “She Hulk,” which received a Golden Reel Award nomination.

Despite the challenges of balancing creative vision with practical constraints and budget limitations, Shelton always fnds ways to make things happen. He prioritizes transparency and communication with clients to establish feasible plans and avoid misunderstandings.

As a lifelong student of the game, Shelton emphasizes the importance of having an open mind and learning from others. He also stresses the value of setting boundaries and taking care of oneself amid the industry’s rollercoaster of emotions.

To keep himself updated with the latest trends and developments, Shelton actively seeks input from his colleagues, particularly the women in the feld who offer unique perspectives and approaches. His collaborative approach to teamwork involves focusing on what’s best for the song, rather than individual egos and preferences.

For those just starting out in the feld, Shelton advises aspiring music professionals to persevere and do their best, even if it doesn’t pay well. He also cites a proverb that reminds people to stay humble and recognize that “many are the plans in a man’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails.”

With his dedication, talent, and humility, Seed, the Engineer is set to leave his mark in the music industry.