Lil Baby’s drama with Blueface is far from over as the 4PF poss has previewed a new song in which he seemingly takes aim at the “Thotiana” rapper.

On Friday (September 15), Baby shared a clip of himself inside a club rapping along to an unreleased song in which he namedrops the Los Angeles MC.

Though a lot of the lyrics in the brief video are incoherent, he can he heard saying: “Put a hunnit up a million times, fuck is a blueface?

The two rappers have been going at each other over the past few months, with Blueface issuing numerous warnings to Lil Baby following a conversation the latter had with Chrisean Rock.

It all started during an Instagram Live session in February, where Blue confronted his ex-girlfriend (and now baby mother) over the interaction.

“I think you be letting too many rap n-ggas be in your face,” he told Chrisean.

“[He told me] I got potential,” Chrisean said, to which Blueface replied: “Potential to what? Fuck him?”

While Chrisean attempted to convince Blueface that she and Baby merely had an “empowerment” conversation, he wasn’t buying it.

“Y’all had an empowerment conversation at 5 a.m?” Blueface replied with a look of disbelief on his face. “With him all up in your face like this? He damn near up in my face, cuz!”

He continued: “He wanna fuck me too? Cuh wanna fuck me? Any n-gga in your face is in my face … It makes no sense … It sounds crazy.”

The drama continued when Blueface leaked an alleged text exchange between Chrisean Rock and Lil Baby, with the latter writing that he’s simply a “big brother” figure and was confused about rumors suggesting he had slid into her DMs.

“Met my bitch one time talm bout he ‘big brother,’” Blueface tweeted. “You ain’t no son to me the truth could never be a dis…I run this shit on sy be mad if you want to bitch post my messages I’m bleeding anything come thru my Territory without checking In welcome to death row.”LIL BABY DISSES BLUEFACE IN NEW SONG SNIPPET FOLLOWING CHRISEAN ROCK DRAMA

He continued tweeting, writing: “You in her DMs I’m in this bitch fone on sy cryp … Anything that makes rock boom I’m all for it even if I gotta look bad.

“I ain’t bring her to the top for you n-ggas to play fake big brother an fake like you want to work for a picture or some pussy let’s do business or move around it’s very simple I invested in this long time ago … You wanna work with rock call blue or Im bleeding you unprofessionally every time.”

Blueface also claimed that Lil Baby had unknowingly texted his phone, not Chrisean’s.

“Ain’t even have to go thru the fone rock gave cuz my number he been texting me the whole time,” he added.