Fans back Nicki Minaj as Kanye West calls her out for refusing to clear New Body


Kanye West recently called out Nicki Minaj for not clearing her verse in the new song New Body for his latest album, Vultures. The duo had been clashing over verse clearance ahead of Kanye’s album release. The 46-year-old rapper blasted the Super Bass singer citing delay in the release of Vultures due to Nicki’s refusal. Meanwhile, Nicki addressed the situation saying, “That train has left the station.”

Kanye West slams Nicki Minaj

Kanye is no stranger to public feuds as he recently went on a 10-minute rant spewing antisemitic statements. The Flashing Lights rapper is facing major backlash for his “monthly rants.” During the Vultures listening party in Las Vegas on December 15, Kanye criticised Nicki. “I made that girl rewrite her verse three times for Monster. I supported her career. So I don’t know what it is,” he said.

Fans back Nicki Minaj as Kanye West calls her out for refusing to clear New Body

Nicki Minaj addresses New Body verse

During an Instagram live session on December 14, Nicki explained her stance on the entire situation. She addressed the feud explaining how her latest album Pink Friday 2 released only recently and that it doesn’t make sense to “put out” an old song. “Now regarding Kanye, that train has left the station,” Nicki said. “No disrespect in any way, I just put out a brand new album. Why would I put out a song that’s been out for three years? Come on guys,” she added.

Fans defend Nicki Minaj after Kanye West’s rant

Fans are not only supporting Nicki for her stance but also condemning Kanye’s behaviour, saying Nicki “owes him nothing.” One user wrote on X, formerly Twitter, ““Monster” is a great song. However, it is in no way the sole thing that built @NickiMinaj’s career. Even insinuating that is just silly.”

Another user said, “YOU A WERIDO @kanyewest. She gave clearance the first time but you were being WEIRD.” Yet another fan said, “Supporting her would be originally dropping the song since it was a hit. Instead you wait until the success of PF2. She doesn’t have to bend over backwards for you no more @kanyewest.”