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Fayro, the rising star in the music industry, is making a grand entrance into 2024 with the release of his mesmerizing music video, “However It Go,” released Jan 1st. This visually stunning masterpiece takes viewers on a captivating journey into Fayro’s world of creativity and passion, setting the stage for the highly anticipated release of his album “Weight On It,” fully produced by Cymphani Cyrine.

“However It Go” is a powerful song that embodies the positive mindset needed to embrace the new year. This makes it the perfect release for Motivation and sets the tone for a year of limitless possibilities. Fayro’s inspiring lyrics encourage listeners to always be prepared for any outcome that comes their way. The video showcases Fayro in a stunning room as he goes through his daily routine of exercise, showering, and getting dressed, symbolizing the perfect entrance into a new year.

In addition to the remarkable production by Cymphani Cyrine, “However It Go” was mixed by Skinna Mane and mastered at Rex Trax Studios. The video was shot by Young CTV and edited by Arcelio Productions, further enhancing the visual and auditory experience for fans.

Building on his recent successes, Fayro’s last single, “Hickory Dickory,” has already made waves, reaching number 93 on the DRT Chart and going viral on World Star with over 700k views. The title track single, “Weight On It,” has amassed over 300k streams, further solidifying Fayro’s position as a rising star in the industry.

Fayro’s artistic versatility extends beyond music. He recently made his acting debut in the Tubi Original film, “Immortal City Records,” showcasing his range as an artist. With an impressive discography that includes 11 albums, 6 mixtapes, and numerous singles, Fayro has proven himself to be a prolific artist. His own record label, Arcelio Productions, allows him to maintain artistic freedom and push boundaries.

What sets Fayro apart is his unwavering commitment to spreading positivity and inspiring personal triumph through his music. His lyrics carry a profound message that resonates with listeners, encouraging positive change and personal growth. Fayro’s music is more than just catchy tunes; it serves as a catalyst for transformation and empowerment.

As we immerse ourselves in Fayro’s captivating new music video, “However It Go,” let us show our unwavering support for this rising star. The video’s stunning visuals and compelling storyline are sure to leave viewers in awe, building anticipation for the release of Fayro’s highly anticipated album in 2024.

Stay tuned for more updates and join Fayro on his remarkable journey as he continues to reach new heights. With his boundless talent and unyielding passion, Fayro is poised to make a lasting impact on the music industry. Get ready to be blown away!

1. Can you tell us about the inspiration behind your latest single, “However It Go”?

Answer: “However It Go” is a song that embodies the positive mindset needed to embrace the new year. It encourages listeners to always be prepared for any outcome that comes their way. The inspiration behind the song came from my own experiences and the belief that we have the power to shape our own destinies.

2. What was the creative process like for the music video of “However It Go”?

Answer: The creative process for the music video was truly collaborative. We wanted to visually represent the journey of starting fresh and embracing new beginnings. The stunning visuals and captivating storyline were carefully crafted to enhance the overall message of the song.

3. How does “”However It Go” fit into the overall theme of your upcoming album, “Weight On It”?

Answer: “However It Go” sets the tone for the overall theme of my upcoming album, “Weight On It.” The album explores the challenges and triumphs we face in life and encourages listeners to carry the weight of their experiences with strength and resilience. The song embodies the positive mindset and determination needed to overcome obstacles and embrace personal growth.

4. Can you share any behind-the-scenes moments or interesting anecdotes from the making of the music video?

Answer: One memorable moment from the making of the music video was when we were shooting the scenes in the stunning room. The set design and lighting created a truly immersive experience, and it felt like stepping into a different world. It was incredible to see everything come together and bring the vision to life.

5. As an artist with your own record label, Arcelio Productions, how do you maintain artistic freedom and push boundaries in your music?

Answer: Having my own record label, Arcelio Productions, allows me to maintain complete artistic freedom and control over my music. I have the creative freedom to experiment with different sounds and genres and push the boundaries of my artistry. It also gives me the opportunity to collaborate with other talented artists and bring unique perspectives to my music.

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About Fayro:

Fayro is an Army Veteran and emerging artist who is making a significant impact in the music industry. With his unique blend of hip hop, pop, and reggae, Fayro’s music showcases his growth and evolution as an artist. His powerful lyrics and dedication to spreading positivity set him apart from the crowd. Fayro has released multiple albums, mixtapes, and singles, and is the founder of Arcelio Productions, his own record label.

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Watch: However it Go