Ben Sharpe Knowles, Aka BSK, is In Space with New Single


Better known as his alias BSK, Ben Sharpe Knowles, is a rap artist orbiting the musical universe with his latest single ‘I’m In Space.’ The single, which landed earlier this summer, has already accumulated nearly 38,000 streams on Spotify thanks to his 25,800 monthly listeners. Beginning his artistic journey in 2020, BSK has sky-rocketed to success, building a loyal fanbase across all social media platforms. ‘I’m In Space’ is the next milestone on his voyage.

The song came to fruition after a long day at work for BSK, who had been messaged on Instagram with some potential beats. Returning home, he started to unwind, listening to the track and contemplating the concept of the song. While lacking in energy and feeling spaced out, the seed began to plant itself. The feeling of being spaced out became the catalyst of ‘I’m In Space,’ exploring the idea that there’s nothing you can do in space or your own mind – there’s no way in or out. BSK wanted to integrate the message of self-belief; “Im trying to tell people to believe in themselves. Like I do in many of my songs, I want to give that ‘I believe in myself’ energy” explains BSK.

The atmospheric plucking of the harp opens the song before sweeping into the vocal hook

I’m in space” – accompanied by a bouncing, stabbing bass line. Rhythmic trap beats are introduced in the opening chorus, bringing new energy to the electronic track. The effortless flow of BSK’s quick-paced lyrical delivery in the verses perfectly complements the melodic chorus that lingers in the listener’s mind.

What began as a distraction for BSK during the pandemic soon manifested into a dream. Creating music opened a portal for BSK, using his songs as a form of self-expression, connecting with himself and his listeners.

2022 saw the release of his debut album ‘The Mind of BSK,’ which explores significant memories and moments of his life that led him to be the person he is today. The album gave BSK the chance to better understand himself, and ‘I’m In Space’ became one of those breakthrough moments. ‘I’m In Space’ is available to listen on all streaming platforms.