M. Aundre Set to Drop New Single “Altered State” Produced by Sureet

M. Aundre

Mike Norm, artistically known as M. Aundre, is preparing to drop his debut single “Altered State” and it deserves a thorough listen. Originally from Santa Cruz, California, this coastal-based rapper moved to central California during his mid teen’s, continuing to travel back to Santa Cruz, and various parts of the bay area.

His music is heavily influenced by various sub-cultures of hip hop, mixed with a more laid-back chill way of life.
“Altered State” provides us with a reminder that all things in life are temporary. And rather than paint a facade for others, we should embrace who we are. His often-times philosophical, and poetic approach to lyrics is raw and intriguing. His rapping is clean, and his lyrics are refreshing.

Lyrics like “I been transparent, I make myself clear. Everybody got a fear, and it might not be the same, there’s a lot that ways heavy, enough to go insane” depict the transitory aspects of life and just how quickly things may change.

The song starts off with a soft intro, and boombap feel that is soon backed up by a catchy down-tempo beat.
The track was produced by Sureet of Digital Desi Productions, and clearly illustrates M. Aundre’s ability to not only grab a listener’s attention with his rhymes, but to understand how to write songs, to certain styles of music.

We’re looking forward to M. Aundre’s exciting future, and phenomenal talent as an artist.

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