Bigger Than Rap Music: A New Release Featuring Dope Beats and Real-Life Hip-Hop Stories

Dj Self Born

Bigger Than Rap Music is the latest release from DJ Self Born, who also produced the hit  EP Heaven is a studio, GOD is a DJ. This new album features samples of classic Hip-Hop tracks and boasts an extensive list of rappers Big Sean, Nas, Jadakiss, Styles P, and more. The samples come together to tell the real-life story of what it was like to be a part of the Hip-Hop world during its glory days.

This new release features dope beats, effective spitting, dreamy interludes, distinctive scratching, and pure Hip-Hop delights from Kanye West’s collaborator and co-producer ‘DJ Self Born. Previously co-producing the album Dreams Still Inspire from Abstract Mindstate with hip hop superstar Kanye West, DJ Self Born continues to entertain rap fans with his combination of musical styles.

This compilation of hip-hop music tells the real-life story of the Hip-Hop world as it stands with a variety of well-known rappers, cool beats, fresh spits, and audio snippets. It is common for DJ Self Born to play for celebrities such as Vanessa Bell Calloway, Gabrielle Union, etc 

In this energetic, fast-paced new album, DJ Self Born will show his incredible mixing talent and sophisticated style in reimagining various popular tracks by established artists. The unique fusion of styles included in BIGGER THAN RAP MUSIC is sure to delight listeners of all ages. 

Raised on Chicago’s Southside, this one-man band is skilled at all genres of DJing including radio, nightclub, corporate, and private events. Previously dubbed the celebrity’s favorite and having had the privilege of performing with, and touring alongside well-known and legendary artists of the hip hop community such as those on the East to West coast, the Miami-based DJ SELF BORN is a fixture on the Miami scene and has been involved as an instructor in workshops conducted by Jam Master J’s DJ Scratch Academy. He is very humble by nature and always keeps it real.