Recording songs is another type of task that gives a sense of accomplishment. Well, this is one heck of a task, and a studio is needed for that. When there is talk about music studios, it is impossible not to think about Studio Shangri-La. This is the studio of dreams for everyone because of its architecture, design, and magical environment. It is located in Malibu, California. It has an allure that grasps the attention of people. This place has a rich history and provides an excellent place to work. Many big names including Adele, Lana Del Ray, Ed Sheeran, and many more are associated with it. It is a great thing to record a song at Shangri-La. Colt Blumenthal (MixedbyColt) (his website is mixedbycolt.com) who is a sound engineer freelancer based in Los Angeles, recently got the pleasure of working with Skrillex to record a song called Homesick by DJ Scheme, Skrillex, and Zacari. 

Homesick is the opening track of the debut studio album of DJ Scheme. The title of the album is Family. Skrillex is the producer of the song, and it also features the vocals of Zacari who is a member of TDE. The song is about the melancholic and gloomy nature of life and the person feels homesick in his new surroundings. This song is dedicated to all those people who are away from home and have an intense longing to go back home. Zacari stated in his Instagram post that this song is for all those who are struggling to achieve something, who are away from home with pure intentions to gain something. He further says that the song is a reminder of the melancholy of life and our dwelling in that melancholy. He quotes, “all of this music shit could disappear and my whole career could go to shit and I can still run home to my mom and dad and I’ll never take that for granted.” 

This song is also close to the heart of Colt (aka MixedbyColt) as this song gave him the chance to work in the Shangri-la studio. Before this song, Colt collaborated with Skrillex for the song Man of the Year. Skrillex has a long record of collaboration with top singers and bands. 

The question is why this Studio holds great importance. The studio is known for its minimalistic design and décor which is stark wood and white walls, simple navy blue sofas, table, and pool, and nothing much but serenity has surrounded the studio. 

The colt who recorded this song for DJ Scheme was a hard-working student during his stay at college. He has worked hard to earn a name and work with top singers and music producers. During his college years, he used to study during the day time and at night, he used to practice in the studio. Music is his passion and he has put his passion into action by working behind the screen. Recording a song is about clear observation to take care of notes and balance them and see if everything is good or not. All these people worked on this song to make it a hit. And their hard work did not go in vain as it was on the trending list of Spotify. The title track of the album Homesick is one of the popular songs from the album and for Colt it is a huge thing that he has been a part of the journey of this song. 

MixedbyColt has selected the domain of music to express his feeling and emotions and to pursue his passion for working behind the screen to create an art piece music. Colt’s Instagram is @mixedbycolt and website is mixedbycolt.com