The Hiphop Group “The Gray Area Collective” will be going into production for their hit single “SOPRANOS” in collaboration with “FourFingerFilet”


Who is “The Gray Area Collective?” “The Gray Area Collective” is a collaborative music and media group from NJ. During their rise in NJ, “The Gray Area Collective”, has proven to be the future face of hiphop. I’m times where trap music is huge we don’t get a chance to hear real hiphop much, some say “The Gray Area Collective” bring vibes of “Q Tip” while other suggest the “Roots”. “The Gray Area Collective” has catchy hooks, crazy punchlines and that boom bap sound we all love in hiphop.

The Gray Area Collective was founded In 2020 by N.O.N-Prophet in Kearny NJ. The group stated collaborating with another group called “FourFingerFilet.” They began collaborating on projects like “Indica Flower”, and “SOPRANOS FREESTYLE” from their debut mixtape “Demos Vol. 1”. Which caused a frenzy in NJ as to who they were.

In current times, “The Gray Area Collective”, continues to expand the group as they add artists like 18 year old Sandro Winand and 16 year old Matt Forbes. “The Gray Collective” and “FourFingerFilet” consist of Artist such as Non-Prophet, Blacktooth Da God, Al Roach and Kid Motion. “The Gray Area Collective” brings us to the roots of hiphop as they spit over tracks provided by their engineer, producer, and beat maker RMNS.

In current hiphop news “The Gray Area Collective” & “FourFingerFilet” are in collaboration again as they will be going into production for music video for their hit song “SOPRANOS FREESTYLE” off their 2022 mixtape, “DEMOS VOL. 1”. We look forward to this as this group continues to emerge out of NJ onto the main platform for HipHop.

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