Money Red is Lights, Camera, Action

Money Red

Atlanta based musician Money Red is excited to announce the release of his highly-anticipated single “Motion” Inspired by the movie “Bonnie & Clyde”. The production of the instrumental is truly impressive. On one hand, it really allows the bass to jump out, and the kick drum really hits hard. On the other, there are many layers of melody, which allow for a more nuanced approach. The vocals are truly outstanding, showcasing the rapper’s ability to lock in with the beat and deliver a very articulate and impressive flow. From incisive and impactful vibes, down to powerful and punchy dynamics, it’s impossible not to feel the massive groove from the moment you hit that play button!

Money Red’s consistency and dedication to his craft is paying off, and it’s clear he has a bright future ahead of him. He encourages others to chase their dreams and not look for support or validation from those who haven’t believed in their own. His street-smart lyrics, lush melodies, and sleek style add depth to the natural star power flexed in his music. With thousands of views and streams on youtube, spotify and other major streaming platforms, Money Red is well known by listeners all around the world.