Violinist Asher Laub’s Single “Roll Up”

Violinist Asher

Virtuoso electric violinist Asher Laub is the sort of artist who has honed a distinctive sound and a deeply ingrained artistic vision. Despite being diversified, his music is always unique and real, showing his individuality as a composer and violinist and resulting in a unique flow that is certain to engage the listener on a far more instinctive level.

His most recent studio effort, Roll Up, is inventive and cutting-edge while still incredibly passionate and avoiding the typical clichés and stereotypes. Instead, Roll Up blends a hint of the “familiar” with a very personal and intuitive viewpoint, enabling Asher to push the envelope and offer listeners something entirely fresh while also presenting the violin’s charm to a brand-new audience.

Asher created an instrumental rendition of Wiz Khalifa’s hip-hop song “Roll Up” that uses layered violins. The instrumental version has joyful ensemble writing. Asher’s violin playing will undoubtedly move your heart this time. In this 3-minute, 50-second piece, he sounds considerably smoother, more melodic, and more lovely. The original song was made available in 2011. On his “Violin Covers Volume 2” album, Roll Up is the sixth track. The record was released last December 15th, right before Christmas.

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