Valid and Stretch Money share new single “Sentimental”


Detroit artists Valid and Stretch Money have shared a new single called “Sentimental”. With nearly a million streams worldwide, historic collaborations, and songs that have impacted the city of Detroit, solo artists Valid & Stretch Money have joined forces to release this new single. Executive produced by platinum-credited Grammy Award-winning DJ Head of Shady Records and Grammy-Award- winning engineer Anthony Rizzo. “Sentimental” is sure to turn heads and surprise the core audience of both MCs. 

A vivid, genre-bending track that draws from 80’s pop and hip-hop, “Sentimental” is an infectious offering that finds Valid and Stretch Money sharing an effortless, natural chemistry, alongside guest vocalist Kelly Kerr and producer Chuck Cross. Bright synths and bouncy percussion characterize the instrumental, setting a strong foundation for the vocalists to lay down sleek verses. They come through with unique contributions that add up to a cohesive whole, giving “Sentimental” extra character and flavor, as the song takes on its own identity with its eclectic sound.

“Sentimental” marks another strong release coming from the buzzing Detroit scene, and it has us excited for what may be coming next from Valid and Stretch Money. Take a listen to “Sentimental” below and familiarize yourself further with this rising duo.

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