What About You – Trae Myers

Trae Myers

Trae Myers has been doing this for a while, and it shows in songs such as What About You. It shows how the music plays with country vibes but delivers them through a pop platform. It shows that the lyrics are ultimately personal yet universally relatable. And in the way that it blends genres, country swagger, rock groove, pop awareness, and indie cool.

But then you would expect nothing less from someone who has shared stages with Kane Brown, Russell Dickerson, Walker Hayes, Chase Matthew, and Heath Sanders, to name a few. Records with three times Grammy award winners in the heart of Country, Nashville, Tennessee.

What About You is a fantastic song, but more than that, it is one with mass appeal. The hardcore country crowd and patrons of the Grand Ole Opry scene will find lots to love. But so too will pop-pickers, rock aficionados, and those following a more alternative and underground path through the world of roots music.

If you want to know how you make popular music yet laced with authenticity and integrity, you should give What About You another spin.

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