DJ Cas’s “Lies” review

DJ Cas

This ambitious mindset is displayed even more clearly in his actions following this accomplishment when he refused to be satisfied with his impressive progress as a DJ and instead embarked upon the challenging journey of becoming an artist. His actions demonstrate that he is not content with his remarkable progress as a DJ. This goal served as the impetus for DJ Cas to seek out and collaborate with other creative musicians, including rappers, vocalists, composers, and producers, to bring his musical dreams to fruition in the form of songs.

However, DJ Cas’s debut single, “Lies,” is an example of what can be produced when that precious element is abundant within a studio; the execution of such an idea can prove to be difficult without the presence of chemistry between all of the involved parties; however, “Lies” is an example of what DJ Cas can produce.

The relentless thumping of the baseline keeps the energy consistently high throughout the entirety of “Lies,” the sobering lyrics provoke the listener to contemplate their romantic struggles. The riveting beat drops crashing in to disrupt all order that came before them, “Lies” is a mesh of emotional artillery that amounts to a beautiful auditory adventure.

DJ Cas is poised to establish himself as a powerful force in the field of hit-making now that he has developed and released this outstanding music. He is feeling rejuvenated from both of these processes. He will likely be successful in achieving this objective because, even if it proves to be elusive, his track record shows that he will maintain his composure, remain steady, and remain focused until he has achieved his objective.

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