Exus pens a personal letter on ‘From Me, To You’


Exus has shared a new album called From Me, To You. A powerful set of 14 songs that finds Exus’ songwriting skills and lyricism on full display, the record takes the listener on a vivid, emotive journey into the life and times of the artist, and in the process offers a truly relatable release that can connect at a deeper level with many listeners. Moreover, the production is sharply-crafted with atmospheric, silvery instrumentation underscoring Exus’ potent performance, making for a cohesive accompaniment.

On From Me, To You, the care and precision that Exus put into his lyricism becomes evident quite quickly, with songs like “Do You See Me?” and “Message To My Diary” delivering honest, vivid depictions of his mind state and life and times. Then, there are songs such as “New Life”, which include a glowing gospel sound, and “Song Cry”, which merges riveting emotion with electrifying energy in a refreshing manner. It’s a solid project with many captivating moments, and Exus keeps things versatile throughout for a record that is easy to play through all the way. 

Exus’ From Me, To You is a heartfelt, powerful sonic journey across 14 songs that contain many points of clairvoyance. Give it a listen below and familiarize yourself with Exus. 

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