Nkosi Bourne continues his run with fresh single, “Final Form”


New York artist Nkosi Bourne has shared a new single, titled “Final Form”. Continuing from a prolific 2022, “Final Form” follows up his well-received mixtape Glimpse. Demonstrating his signature ear for vivid, soulful production as well as his sharp lyricism, “Final Form” contains motivational themes, smooth, laid-back flows, and a vividly emotive soundscape that shows Bourne at his best. A motivational anthem filled with raw vocals and reaffirming lyrics, “Final Form” gives perspective on accepting where someone may be isn’t where they want, but one must continue to take steps to get their “Final Form,” aka their best self, no matter what obstacles may arise  Its heartfelt messaging and sonic potency make “Final Form” a strong start to 2023 for Bourne, and this release has us excited for what may be coming next from the rising Brooklyn rapper.For fans of lyrical hip-hop and soulful, smooth production, “Final Form” will likely be up your alley. Give the track a listen below and be sure to connect with Nkosi Bourne on social media platforms to watch for updates from him regarding new music and more.

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