Song Of The Week: “HSTRY” By Kanou


“HSTRY” is the first single of popular creator and influencer Kanou. He released this song back in 2019, and began to focus on creating content and comedy. Music was always one of his passions and was a way for him to express himself. He never took it very serious and liked making content, but little did he know his music would become a sensation to many, and now they want him back.

“HSTRY” has a Pop vibe with a 80s club type of beat. Kanou layers his vocals on this song about a story of love. His voice is unique and has the capability of touching the heart. With “HSTRY” you can hear real feelings and emotions, expressing himself to the greatest length. If you want to sit back, relax, and vibe to a song, then this is the one. Nobody sounds alike him and he puts off a vibe that all can relate to. With over 80,000 streams since he released it, he plans to comeback and release more music soon.