Nkosi Bourne shares laid-back visual for “Drowning”


Brooklyn artist Nkosi Bourne has dropped off a fresh new video for his track “Drowning”, featured on his well-received mixtape Glimpse. With jazzy, laid-back production and thoughtful lyricism, “Drowning” is a track that is easy to kick back and vibe to, while also provoking introspection. As Nkosi raps fluidly atop warm guitars and organic sounding percussion, one is drawn into the song’s hypnotic rhythms and vivid sonics. His performance is focused, and he gives the track a refreshing, crisp feel with his dynamic, sharp flows.

The new music video makes for an engaging, cohesive accompaniment to the track with its relatable, everyday life themes. Shot by Cultivison, a production company run by Cult Classic, it follows Nkosi through a depiction of a day in his life. Beginning with his home life, you get to see some of his routines but, more importantly, the things that can easily deprioritize his passion for making music and grinding. It’d be easy to call them distractions, but some are core factors of his life that keep him going no matter how hard things get, and others are really just the other factors of life that make Nkosi feel like he’s living life on a “handstand.”  Once he steps outside, he’s really trying to decompress and get away from it all in the best way he can, music and nature. The music video was inspired by other cinematic music videos, the movie C’mon C’mon, and, most importantly, a discussion with his roommate, who helped me create the initial shot list. 

Watch the new video for “Drowning” here and get familiar with Brooklyn artist Nkosi Bourne.

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