CA the Don shares fresh single and video, “Too High”


CA the Don has shared a new single and video called “Too High”. CA is a recording artist & songwriter from the suburbs of Houston, Texas. With musical influences such as Drake, J Cole, Kanye West, Eminem, and Linkin Park among others, the Texas native effortlessly blends different styles and genres to forge his own lane across his expanding catalog. “A Mi Lado”, co-produced by New Orleans native Mannie Fresh, marked a standout track from CA that allowed him to bring both the Spanish world and the hip hop world together, creating a wave of momentum as CA continues to build his core fanbase. His latest offering is the stellar “Too High”, a song that exhibits CA’s engaging songwriting style and ear for versatile sounds with its blend of hip-hop, house, R&B, and more.

“Too High” opens smoothly, building dynamically with warm guitars that drift atop a memorable bass-line and lively drums. As CA’s vocals rise alongside the sleek intro, he incorporates a sudden switch that takes the song to new heights, adding a pulsating drum line and a sheen of colourful synths to give the song a radiant house-infused edge. He continues to display strength as a vocalist in the latter part of the song with a captivating mic presence and melodic hip-hop vocals that feel cohesive with the warm instrumentation. The accompanying visuals enhance the track’s laid-back, feel-good energy with a solid performance from CA and stylish edits of the club with muted, retro coloration.

The latest from Houston’s CA the Don, “Too High” marks a memorable release from him and has us excited for what may be coming next from him in 2023. Check it out below and be sure to connect with CA the Don for updates regarding new music and more.

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